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My heart can’t dwell in sorrows when they play
Uplifting melodies infused with joy.
Such beauty as they make their lives’ employ
Is perfect for sending dark thoughts away
Completely, never to be heard from: Tune
Bedraggled hearts to the frequency of
Yet another heavenly breath of love
To ease with God’s healing and gently soothe
Heaviness away. What a great blessing
Expressing the joy God always yearns to
Pour over His creation and subdue
Impatient disturbances here messing
Around to bring His children down. Not now!
No!! His plan is to give us every sweet
Overriding joy. So, our LORD will beat
Gloom at its own game with resounding
Unending reminders from Heaven above,
Yep, woo us with beauty that’s astounding,
Sending new creative notes of His love.

by GwennonR
May 3, 2017

This poem came joyfully dancing onto my iPhone on the tail end of my hearing “The Piano Guys” five piano player rendition of “What Makes You Beautiful”. I wanted the acrostic for a sonnet, but it was too long, and by the time the word “villanelle” crossed my mind, it was too late. So, my joyful, willful poem is a bit irregular, which I expect readers to forgive, because as every writer knows, trying to make a poem behave is sometimes a dangerous and tricky business.