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Exquisite, lavish designs make it great:
Visually satisfying beauties flow
Everywhere eye can see. God will create
Rich layers of colors and textures so
You needn’t look far to find a treasure
To delight the eyes, the ears, and the hands.
Here God displays His art for our pleasure:
It’s here He delights the works of His hands,
Now giving us hints of Heaven in the
Good gifts He surrounds us with here below:
Gifts to bring every gladness and joy we
Otherwise could not yet begin to know.
Open your eyes to see the pains God takes,
Delighting to bless the people He makes.

by GwennonR
May 15, 2017

We have had some unusually beautiful sunrises, sunsets, and cloudscapes lately. And again I remember my friend Marie’s words that God customizes each landscape for the individual who will see it. Now that’s the ultimate in art and generosity, don’t you think?