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I never imagined I’d be posting this poem today. Strangely enough, it has been a three-poem-day. I started the day with the idea of an acrostic sonnet, and asked a couple of friends to pray about it, while I searched the dictionary, a thesaurus, and my friends’ vocabularies for words to fit the pattern. Then I left that poem to work on a fun poem about the dogs that just came bouncing in. Later, after the acrostic was mostly finished, I saw some nonsense on television (a continuation of the nonsense I had heard about earlier this morning on the radio), and I just had to say something. Right about the time my dandruff was getting riled, the words for this poem interrupted my dinner. This isn’t Shakespeare, but perhaps it will provoke the reader to think, and especially to evaluate whether the thoughts he entertains are his own, or are just some baloney that have been spoon-fed to him by those in power.


Abortion is a woman’s scourge—
A trauma that I wish were purged!—
A way for men to use poor gals,
Then disappear when truth comes out.
“Abortion helps!” some do purport.
(That’s easier than real support!)
Abortion leads girls to despair,
But these pro-death folks do not care,
Pretend concern when cameras roll
(While adding wounds to wounded souls),
One way to rich folks’ pockets line –
Is killing babies all that fine?
So why are people loud and mad
When someone calls abortion “BAD!”?
I’ve heard this called a woman’s war,
But women lost it long before
Their babies brought men’s sins to light:
A way to shove sin out of sight,
Abortion is just a bandage thin
To try to cover selfish sin!!!

by Gwennon
July 1, 2014

P.S. It’s probably not politically correct to say, “It’s easier to just kill the inconvenient helpless than to exert ourselves on their behalf”; yet, isn’t that exactly what the preaching of abortion proclaims?

P.P.S. I wonder if I will get into some sort of trouble for saying these things publicly? (Y’all pray for me now! Please.)