ocean blue
surrounded by
little white sparkles
reflecting small
joyful lights
all that is good
in jewels
and skilled
of tragic loss:
sinking souls aboard
the Titanic
that dark night
long years

by Gwennon
June 5, 2013



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I wasn’t planning to post today. But then I read something. And then I pondered something. Before being interrupted by this poem. I hope you will like it.



He takes it personally how we treat them:
How we treat the ones He made,
How we interact with those
In whom His glory is displayed.
Do we share the love of Jesus
With the people that we meet?
Do we even stop to see them
As we pass them on the street?
He has called us to reflect Him
And to treat them with His love:
Treat them kindly, treat them gently,
And so point their hearts above.
He will tell us how we did here:
How we loved these “least of these”—
Whether what we did for others
Served to disappoint or please.
Someday He will tell us plainly
When we see Him face to face
Right before He has released us
To get glory or disgrace.

by GwennonR
March 18, 2017

See Matthew 25 for more information.

A Canine Manifesto


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What’s yours is mine, but I will share.
You didn’t know? Well, don’t despair!
I’ll join your pack: I’m here to help:
I’m here to lend an ear or yelp.
I’m here to bark when dangers loom.
I’ll bring my joy into your gloom.
With me with you and you with me,
We’ll write a joyful history.
My presence here is such good news
Since I’m the best pet you could choose!
I’ll love you as if you were God.
When you do good, I will applaud.
When you do bad, I’ll hide your shame;
At times I might just take the blame.
Your news I’ll never stoop to tell,
For dogs keep secrets very well.
Delighted to share life with you,
I love you, and you love me, too!
I’ll love your friends and fight your foes.
I’ll let you kiss me on the nose.
I don’t like messes, I confide:
I’d rather make my mess outside;
But if inside with you I’m trapped
By awful weather, I’ll adapt.
I’ll do all this for love and food,
And serve with cheerful attitude.
I’ve only one condition here,
Which I must whisper in your ear:
My secret that I must declare?
What’s yours is mine, but I will share.

by GwennonR
March 12, 2017

Quick Question


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The thing that I would like to know
Is, “WHERE are the feral cats?”
Our mice are running rampant, so
Their hate songs I would love to hear:
I’d listen with envigored cheer—
Great work abounds for them right here;
Lord, please send us feral cats!
Our allergies will not allow
Adopting any cats in house,
But we need sharpened-claw-help now
Evicting the pesky mouse.
So, once again I’d like to ask,
Lord, WHERE are the feral cats?

by GwennonR
March 11, 2017

Maybe Later


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I will not kiss you on the lips:
Your lips have gone where I won’t go.
Your smile is very sweet and kind,
But germs I’m likely there to find
Since you’ve been cleaning your behind—
I’d love to kiss. BUT I’M NOT BLIND.
You need to find a cleaner thing
To which your tongue and lips may cling.
For kisses, you must bide your time:
I don’t kiss lips encased in grime.
Perhaps I might a kiss bequeath
If you would let me brush your teeth,
Soap down your tongue, and wash your face.
But kissing now? ‘Twould be disgrace!
For now, Dear Dog, you ought to know
I will not kiss you on the lips.

by GwennonR
March 10, 2017

for “Roosevelt”
the occasionally kissed German shepherd

Turn Around

My heart can do no more than sigh:
My problems stack up to the sky.
They fill my mind with fearful dread
So I can scarcely leave my bed.
But maybe I have failed to see
The blessings God has given me.
No stinky skunks perfume the air.
My mirror shows I still have hair.
The bugs and snakes remain outside.
No grizzly bears have come inside.
The trash I set outside is gone.
My faucets still turn water on.
The fridge contains some tasty food
To build good health – and boost my mood.
No airplanes fell to crush my home.
My dog makes sure I’m not alone.
I’m hearing music that I love
With scores of love notes from above.
I guess I should not be distraught:
I’m doing better than I thought.

by GwennonR
March 8, 2017

Not Here!


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Not here, not here, My Precious Love.
My Precious Love has gone from here.
Not here, not here, My Precious Love.
I miss you so, My Dear.

I never got to see your face,
But loved you more than you can know.
I know that time cannot erase
The pain of parting so.

Now Jesus holds My Precious Love,
The Precious Love I longed to keep.
And He will keep you safe and well
As in my tears I steep.

I miss you so, My Precious Love:
My Precious Love who could not stay.
I’ll always love My Precious Love,
My Love who flew away.

My Baby Dear, so far from here,
So far from us whose hearts you hold,
Our precious sweet lost Baby Dear,
Your mem’ry won’t grow old.
Your mem’ry won’t grow old.

by GwennonR
February 14, 2017

For Tanya and Baby

The melody for this mourning song is a slight departure (really, mostly a rhythmic variation) from the tune for “In Christ Alone”. I pray my friend and her family can customize it and find comfort in Jesus as they meditate on this new treasure they have in heaven. Please feel free to pray for my friends. Thank you.

My Other Allegory

This is an amazing poem I hope you will all enjoy.

Mitch Teemley


It’s no vast wonder we should think

in metaphors

when life is just a parallel

to something more

Which lacking a more perfect word

we christen Life

and strain our undeveloped wings

in fervent strife

But ‘til the day that Life arrives

alive, complete

You’ll be my other allegory

all replete

with hopes that are enwrapped in mine

and thinking of

your face I’ll know that I have glimpsed

that thing called Love

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For Trudy

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All Day Long!


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Ev’ry doggie needs a huggie!
Ev’ry doggie needs a kiss!
Ev’ry doggie needs to know
He is a treasure bringing bliss.
Ev’ry pet dog is a lovey,
Loving ev’ryone he knows.
Ev’ry pet dog brings great joy and gladness
Ev’rywhere he goes.
If you’re blessed to have a doggie,
Love him well right here and now,
And remember well this maxim:
Ev’ry doggie needs a huggie!

by GwennonR
February 7, 2017

for “Roosevelt”

“Doggie” spelled thus purposely.

I may use this in a collection of poems titled “SILLY DOG POEMS; and poems for a few serious dogs”.

If I told you my doggie-love was memorizing this poem, would you believe me?