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We have many troubles that can lay us loW.
Each, at times, feels sinking in a stormy seA.
Angry at ourselves, and with the world at waR,
Kindness disappears, and we find ourselves pooR.
Looks like we’re stuck on a scary safarI!!
It’s easy to seek escape while pains echO.
There must be more! We need a DelivereR
To save us from our selfish choiceS:
Lies we carelessly adopt and now cherisH,
Even knowing they destroy and steal our peacE.
So, let us turn our weary hearts to worshiP
Him Who made us to seek His heart, Who can teacH
Each willing heart Christ’s lavish graces to sharE,
Ever close to us, for His image we beaR,
Poised to save the ones whose ev’ry prayer He hearD.

by Gwennon
May 24, 2017

That’s why Jesus came down to earth in the first place. Christmas was only the beginning. Let’s keep turning our eyes back to Jesus as we celebrate God’s goodness in our lives at Christmas!