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The trouble with saints
Is that they are a little too much
Like real people
Living in a real, fallen world
Full of faults and flaws
That are obvious to everyone,
Even themselves.
The trouble with saints
Is that not a single one of them
Even for a minute
Ever managed to live a sinless life,
So that the particular well-beloved saint
Who, from a safe distance,
Appears both shiny and appealing,
When viewed up close and personal,
Has great trouble
Standing firm
On the slippery pedestal
Of ever-changing public opinion
Where we motion for saints to stand.
The trouble with saints
Is that every last one of them
Desperately needs a Savior
Just as much as the rest of us.
So long as we keep our focus
Only on their ordinary humanness
Instead of gazing instead
At their Jesus-hungry hearts
And their faltering footsteps
Crawling at times,
In the direction of
We will always have
A problem with saints.

by Gwennon
September 13, 2017

In recent months, I was reading a book about a woman who formed a friendship with Mother Teresa. This woman was both enamored with Mother Teresa’s love for Jesus and people, and shocked that Mother Teresa was not actually perfect this side of heaven. It was pretty encouraging, actually.