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It will—SIGH!—probably never happen;
Well, not this side of heaven, anyway.
Of course, I can’t help dreaming of snappin’
Up an orphan pterodactyl someday,
Like other people might adopt a dog.
Desperate for a good home of its own,
Jealously studying all other pets,
Upset when this one or that is shown
Someone who has chosen to rescue it,
That lonely dinosaur waits now for me:
Looking hopefully for my deposit
Of cash and paperwork so it can see
Very soon an end to its loneliness,
Expecting food, hugs, and kisses to share.
I know our meeting will bring us both bliss,
Taking us both into each other’s hearts there.

by Gwennon
May 26, 2017

I think this would make the most fun cartoon-y children’s book, set in an animal shelter, filled with all kinds of zoo animals, each with a sign (in the animal’s own handwriting) on the front of the cage that said, “Choose Me!” and with each animal sitting at a desk, writing a love letter to its future family on fancy stationery.

I apologize for posting this twice. It needed four major punctuation edits that I did not see until after it was posted. Then I had to also go back into a couple of files to make the changes there. Sigh. And I call myself an English major!