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When I started the car this morning, I
Had a lovely surprise: a full gas tank!
AND a hot sausage biscuit standing by.
This kindness I must remember to thank—
Carelessly forgetting would not be wise!—
Oh, LORD, help me hold this in my heart and
Understand I am precious in these eyes:
Loved in action by my husband’s great heart.
Distracted by other things, I sometimes
Believe I am not important to him,
Even as he proves me wrong. Many times,
By the time I at last think to thank him,
Embrace him, appreciate what he does,
The moment has passed, and we’ve both forgot.
That’s not a good excuse, of course, because
Each of these gifts show the treasure I’ve got:
Really, I ought to give that man a kiss!!!

for “Sergei”

by Gwennon
October 13, 2017