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All reported statistics shout, “DANGER!
Leave! Get you to a place of safety! NOW!!!
It’s true: to this creature be a stranger.
Volatile beast, he would never know how
Even to begin being gentle. Mind
Precious life well. Please let him have the space
To breathe without interference. You’ll find
Enough to do giving distance. Don’t chase
Ravenous beasts which many call extinct,
Or make yourself his meal. It’s not worthwhile.
So keep all visits (and reports!) succinct.
Antipathy runs strong through rank and file:
Unwilling to accept, though tales increase,
Religious crowds are praying these will cease.

from Jonathan David Whitcombs’s book Searching For Ropens and Finding God. The sentence, “Not everyone embraces a live pterodactyl” (which, for some reason, always throws me into fits of uncontrolled laughter–I mean, really, when was the last time you saw someone embracing a pterodactyl?) was taken from page 117, and again from page 118, but to fit the acrostic, “pterodactyl” (a specific type of flying monster) was changed to “pterosaur” (a larger group of flying monsters). I somehow (while I was not actively engaged in embracing pterodactyls) didn’t see this until the poem was finally completed. It was so much work, I just can’t force myself to change it now.

by GwennonR
May 1, 2017

I want to caution anyone wanting to read further about reports of living flying reptiles that while Mr. Whitcomb’s book is very well-researched and well-presented, he does occasionally espouse (and advertise) a worldview that I believe does not align completely with scripture. However, in the long haul, this is probably true of most of every single one of us most of the time. So, my reading friends, whenever you see me veering off in something unbiblical, you are more than welcome to call me on it. We so seldom see and recognize our own errors.