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Send someone who won’t flub the job,
Especially a job so grand
Now calling for a well-trained mob
Delighted on Your plans to stand.
So, please send in a substitute!
Oh, do not let ME be the one:
My strength is small, my wisdom, too!
Excuse the soul who seldom won
On merit and whose faults aren’t few.
No, You need better souls than me
Engaged in such a worthy task.
Exempt me. This is not to be.
Love, You know better than to ask.
Send someone better far than me:
Enlist a soul who cannot fail.

by Gwennon
June 5, 2017

I’d like to say, “Look how humble I am!” But that is not true. What you see here is 100% pure, unadulterated fear: a panic-attach prayer on paper. Which perfectly matches the wandering rhyme scheme. Notice the staccato rhythm of the lines.

Anyway, on reading this poem, my friend Gail asked if God was sending me to do something in particular. I told her the scary details, concluding with, “I am just not adequate for the job.” Her answer startled me: “Of course you are not adequate. What you want is for God to work His power through you.” After a few more encouraging words, Gail finished with, “Remember God chose a little shepherd boy to be king. He deliberately looks for those who are humble enough to let Him be the power.”

So, now you know how to pray for me.

How can I pray for you today?