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Today, on Acrostic Sonnet Monday, I want to share with you a poem I wrote by the grace of God and with the prayer support of a large number of friends. It celebrates the 50th wedding anniversary of two of my friends and mentors, Lola and Don Compton, without whose prayers and advice I would have floundered many times. Twenty-three years from now, I hope this poem will define my husband’s and my own marriage of fifty years.

Living Well

Learning to look for the best, they can both
Overlook irritants as they arise,
Viewing each other through Jesus’ kind eyes,
Engaged in seeking and proclaiming truth,
Delighted to serve and share God’s good news.
And we look to their example of love
Never failing: God’s deeply rooted love.
Driven, both on the street and in the pews,
Leading many souls to Christ, they are blessed.
On their soft hearts, God’s word they emboss.
Victorious, even when life looks grim,
In Christ, “from Whom all blessings flow”, they rest.
Nearer they grow, through triumph or through loss,
Giving God the glory as they serve Him.

for Lola and Don Compton
April 28, 1967 – April 28, 2017
and the adventure continues

by Gwennon
April 26, 2017