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.Give me a famous name that never dies:
.Outstanding reputation, well revered,
.Durable, exalted in other’s eyes.
.Call me a great treasure to be held dear,
.Always and forever well-loved and known,
.Needing no introductions of my own,
.Enjoying recognition for my work,
.Named a part of that famously IN CROWD,
.Joyfully reminded of my life’s worth.
.Oh, don’t you know, that would make me so proud!
.Yep. That, I think, would make my life complete,
.Finally realizing my dreams so sweet,
(Of course, there’s just one way to be famous:
.Receive God’s Christ, and to Him closely cling.)
.Eternally in Jesus’s eyes blameless,
.Validated and valued by THE KING,
.Enlisted there in Heaven’s “Who’s Who”,
.Replete in joy after my life’s review.

by GwennonR
May 25, 2017

As in previous acrostic presentations, in order to force the acrostic phrases to line up along the left margin, I have added a period to the beginning of most of the lines.

In other news, someone briefly mentioned that I have carelessly allowed several aggravating spelling errors to run rampant in this blog. For a former spelling champion who prides herself on excellent spelling and grammar, and whose college degree happens to be in English, this is grave news, indeed. If my readers might be so kind as to explicitly point out where said errors have occurred, I will make every effort, as I have the time, and the internet access, to go back and correct them. Thank you.