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I wasn’t planning to post today. But then I read something. And then I pondered something. Before being interrupted by this poem. I hope you will like it.



He takes it personally how we treat them:
How we treat the ones He made,
How we interact with those
In whom His glory is displayed.
Do we share the love of Jesus
With the people that we meet?
Do we even stop to see them
As we pass them on the street?
He has called us to reflect Him
And to treat them with His love:
Treat them kindly, treat them gently,
And so point their hearts above.
He will tell us how we did here:
How we loved these “least of these”—
Whether what we did for others
Served to disappoint or please.
Someday He will tell us plainly
When we see Him face to face
Right before He has released us
To get glory or disgrace.

by GwennonR
March 18, 2017

See Matthew 25 for more information.