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What’s yours is mine, but I will share.
You didn’t know? Well, don’t despair!
I’ll join your pack: I’m here to help:
I’m here to lend an ear or yelp.
I’m here to bark when dangers loom.
I’ll bring my joy into your gloom.
With me with you and you with me,
We’ll write a joyful history.
My presence here is such good news
Since I’m the best pet you could choose!
I’ll love you as if you were God.
When you do good, I will applaud.
When you do bad, I’ll hide your shame;
At times I might just take the blame.
Your news I’ll never stoop to tell,
For dogs keep secrets very well.
Delighted to share life with you,
I love you, and you love me, too!
I’ll love your friends and fight your foes.
I’ll let you kiss me on the nose.
I don’t like messes, I confide:
I’d rather make my mess outside;
But if inside with you I’m trapped
By awful weather, I’ll adapt.
I’ll do all this for love and food,
And serve with cheerful attitude.
I’ve only one condition here,
Which I must whisper in your ear:
My secret that I must declare?
What’s yours is mine, but I will share.

by GwennonR
March 12, 2017