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I will not kiss you on the lips:
Your lips have gone where I won’t go.
Your smile is very sweet and kind,
But germs I’m likely there to find
Since you’ve been cleaning your behind—
I’d love to kiss. BUT I’M NOT BLIND.
You need to find a cleaner thing
To which your tongue and lips may cling.
For kisses, you must bide your time:
I don’t kiss lips encased in grime.
Perhaps I might a kiss bequeath
If you would let me brush your teeth,
Soap down your tongue, and wash your face.
But kissing now? ‘Twould be disgrace!
For now, Dear Dog, you ought to know
I will not kiss you on the lips.

by GwennonR
March 10, 2017

for “Roosevelt”
the occasionally kissed German shepherd