My heart can do no more than sigh:
My problems stack up to the sky.
They fill my mind with fearful dread
So I can scarcely leave my bed.
But maybe I have failed to see
The blessings God has given me.
No stinky skunks perfume the air.
My mirror shows I still have hair.
The bugs and snakes remain outside.
No grizzly bears have come inside.
The trash I set outside is gone.
My faucets still turn water on.
The fridge contains some tasty food
To build good health – and boost my mood.
No airplanes fell to crush my home.
My dog makes sure I’m not alone.
I’m hearing music that I love
With scores of love notes from above.
I guess I should not be distraught:
I’m doing better than I thought.

by GwennonR
March 8, 2017