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Ev’ry doggie needs a huggie!
Ev’ry doggie needs a kiss!
Ev’ry doggie needs to know
He is a treasure bringing bliss.
Ev’ry pet dog is a lovey,
Loving ev’ryone he knows.
Ev’ry pet dog brings great joy and gladness
Ev’rywhere he goes.
If you’re blessed to have a doggie,
Love him well right here and now,
And remember well this maxim:
Ev’ry doggie needs a huggie!

by GwennonR
February 7, 2017

for “Roosevelt”

“Doggie” spelled thus purposely.

I may use this in a collection of poems titled “SILLY DOG POEMS; and poems for a few serious dogs”.

If I told you my doggie-love was memorizing this poem, would you believe me?