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I found my middle harp IN TUNE!
IN TUNE, although it weren’t before.
It captured me, requiring tunes
That could not be ignored.
My hands were captured by the strings
Surrounding all the notes I loved,
Compelled to pluck these lovely things,
Whose loveliness I proved.
Old melodies were there reborn:
Remade, relived, re-loved anew,
Erasing feelings low, forlorn,
As in new love I grew.
It must have been the good warm air
That warmed and then relaxed the strings,
That softened sharp notes into peace
And new enjoyment brings.
Whate’er the case, it was a gift
That blessed and beautified my harp,
That blessed my heart and made it shift
To take sweet joys to heart.
And Jesus is the giver here
Who loves to give a lovely gift,
Who loves to give His darlings cheer
And thus our spirits lift.
I thank Him for this gift today,
The gift I could not hope to find—
The gift whose presence made my day!
And praise this Friend so kind.

February 7, 2017

James 1:17 “Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above ….”

For a contrast and an explanation of this poem,
please refer to my poem, “Harping”.