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She knows the short-term price is sometimes stifF.
However, with her LORD she plans to gO,
Enthused, for all good things Christ is the dooR.
Trusting God is her whole life’s agendA.
Relaxed, she follows Him Who made the souL,
Upward, onward, with Jesus her one goaL.
Serene, she trusts her Savior to composE
Their itinerary. This trust brings her resT.
She reads His Word and knows He is always therE.
Journeying with the one true RedeemeR,
Ever clinging to her faith in the unseeN,
Safely, she goes with Christ on safarI.
Unworried by success or by defeaT,
She rests secure, with Christ her suretY.

by GwennonR
January 4, 2016