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(Sigh! Only in a wealthy country ….)


The troubles that we faced could not be shirked:
Horrific plumbing clogs here gave us pain.
Each person home pitched in. And how we worked
Together ‘til we flushed them down the drain.
Our plunger could not make the proper seal.
It looked as if all hope would soon be gone.
Long suffering, through prayer we made appeal,
Exasperated, but we carried on.
Two toilets out of three could not be used:
Stopped up, they would not work now as designed.
As sewage overflowed, we felt confused:
Reality and urgency combined:
Each took a turn as faithfully we plunged.
We had to work as hard here as we could.
Our misery, we hoped, would be expunged.
Relentlessly we worked because we should
Keep plunging until all the clogs dissolved.
I’m sorry this ordeal could not be rushed.
No matter. We pressed on un ‘til it was solved.
GREAT NEWS: Each pot we have can now be flushed!!

by GwennonR
December 22, 2016