Son of God Most High
Angels sing the Savior’s song
Visions of God’s love
In a dusty stall
On a Holy Baby’s head
Rests the Light of God
Inviting lost souls
Needy, searching, grieving ones
A blessed word of hope
Messiah offers
A message of holy love
Now made known to all
God’s Son clothed in flesh
Each day speaks the Living Word
Raising death to life

by Susan Kendall
December 11, 2016

Susan gave this to our writing group in the Christmas cards she gave to us. I wish I could duplicate on my blog the lovely Christmas-light colors she used to highlight the acrostic.

Thank you, Susan, for sharing this and for giving me permission to share it here.

And friends reading here, may God bless you with a Merry Christmas and continual reminders of His love for you!