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All the world needs God’s good news. Let’s begin
Sharing it now: Heaven’s grace that sustains.
Overcome by so much darkness and sin,
Needed here is deep joy that grows through pains,
Glorifies Jesus and on Him sheds light,
Overflows praises from a heart made right.
Faithful and true is this Great God of ours:
How perfectly just and kind. Let our ways
Inspire Jesus’ praise with all our powers,
Singing of God’s perfection all our days,
Gladly shining as His beacon of light,
Obeying Jesus from a heart made right.
Open up new joy in a thankful hymn.
Destined for adventures with our Great King,
Now always let us fix our eyes on Him,
Engaged in learning His praises to sing,
Shining through the darkness as God’s holy light,
Singing Heaven’s songs from a heart made right.

by GwennonR
December 6, 2016

Inspired by a phrase “May you become a song of His goodness”
by Beejai in his December 3, 2016 blogpost on https://theriverwalk.org
Phrase used by permission.



All the world hungers to know they are loved:
Secure in perfect love they can relax.
Opportunities abound to show those
Needing the assurance that God has their backs.
Gladly, let us love God and others well,
Openly eager Christ’s good news to tell.
Fully forgiven and thankful to share,
Heavenly comforts on earth let’s make real,
Intent on displaying God’s tender care
So well that Jesus’ call holds sweet appeal:
Graciously loving God and others well,
Owning grace: eager Christ’s good news to tell.
Offering Heaven’s well-tune harmony,
Designed to honor God before our birth,
Nurturing Christ’s oneness for all to see,
Echo now God’s great goodness here on earth,
Sincerely loving God and others well,
Satisfied: eager Christ’s good news to tell.

by GwennonR
December 16, 2016




All day I want to turn my heart to Christ,
Surrendering my life to His good plan.
On my own weak love, let His love be spliced.
Nearer let me draw to God’s dear Son,
Growing love in a world so weak and flawed,
Only thinking the best of our Great God.
Filtering everything in life through faith,
Hearing God’s Word and welcoming His truth
Instead of choosing to live life my way,
Staying my heart on Jesus, I renew
Good thinking in a world so weak and flawed,
Only thinking the best of our Great God.
On Jesus let me fix my thoughts all day,
Defining life by Jesus my true source,
Near to the heart of God, walking His way,
Ever letting Christ’s love through my veins course,
Suspended in a world so weak and flawed,
Simply thinking the best of our great God.

by GwennonR
December 17, 2016

In a difficult time, this was my prayer:
“Lord, may I become a song of Your goodness.”

I have shown the completion dates for each poem, which may be a bit deceptive since each poem took about a week of careful study, writing, rewriting, and more rewriting. These were only made possible by the prayers of many friends. I hope they bless your heart.