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He sought in faith our good above His own,
Omnipotent but trusting Abba’s plan;
Noticing the outcast and alone;
Outspoken, yet caring for everyone;
Reaching out to any who reach for God.
Imperfect people could relax with Him,
Never fearing harsh criticism because
Christ all true penitents would not condemn.
At hypocrites, though, He aimed sharp rebuke.
Royalty lived with us in our suffering,
Near to the Father’s heart, and to ours, too.
And He spoke gently to the sorrowing.
Truly, He did all the good in His powers.
Eternity will show His good was ours.

by GwennonR
August 13, 2015

The idea for this poem sprang from a sermon in which the preacher said,
“Jesus was honor incarnate.” That was the first time I had
considered Jesus from that angle. But what a true picture!