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His coming changed the world and called us home:
Out to get us and kindly intercede.
While in our darkness here we sadly roam,
The world for a moment can see our need
Of a hero above our own weak strength:
Almighty rescuer for a flawed,
Cold, unfeeling world. From pain He won’t shrink.
Heaven beckons us to the heart of God
Extending joyful reconciliation,
And we in turn yearn for Him Who made us.
God offers His peace to every nation:
All the world awaits the promised Savior, and hope
Intensifies as Christmas is nearing,
Now hungering for Jesus’ appearing.

by Gwennon
December 3, 2016

Driving to church six days ago, I heard a preacher give this quote (which I have tried without success to track down): “The season of advent teaches our hearts to ache again.” That sentence wrapped itself around my heart and begged to be made into a poem. That it actually did is the answer to many prayers this week.

Two websites with lovely teachings on advent (which I discovered on my otherwise unfruitful search for the source of this quote) are

Let’s keep reminding ourselves that Jesus is the point of not only Christmas, but our whole existence.

Praying for you to know how every much He loves you,