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Earlier today, this was where I was living:

Sheltered in Obscurity

Her name is known to only very few –
It seems the world to all her gifts is blind.
Delaying tears that threaten to break through,
Denying fears, she tries hard not to mind.
Escape is not an option that she knows,
Neglected by the ones whom she holds dear.
Perplexed by this neglect that only grows,
Reminding those who often fail to hear
It’s time for them to love her in return.
Not quite convinced they do the best they can.
Can Jesus show what lesson she should learn?
Exhausted by attempts to bless her clan,
She ponders this and often loses sleep:
She aches to be loved well, not counted cheap.

by GwennonR
December 1, 2016, at lunch time

Bookend poem for “Growing Under Cover”

Then I wondered if God, as my friends Gail and Leona (and many others) often suggest to me, had a better way for me to live. Apparently, He does:

Growing Under Cover

Renewed in Jesus’ image, she revives:
Expressing faith in God in all she does,
Bent low by grief no longer. No. She thrives.
Obscurity’s no problem now because
Regular infusions of God’s thinking
Nudge her from old self-pity to good cheer.
Purposing to follow God unshrinking,
Remembering that Jesus holds her dear,
Intentionally she sets her thoughts above.
No matter what, this puts her heart at ease:
Covered by grace and soaking in God’s love.
Example now to everyone she sees:
Surrendered to God’s plan she learns to live,
Secure in love that only God can give.

by GwennonR
December 1, 2016, at the auto-body repair shop this afternoon

Bookend poem to “Sheltered In Obscurity”

It was an unexpected day for poems. My only goal of the day was to catch up on laundry and other cleaning. On the heels of these good notions came the idea that it might be good for me to try to catch my nose, which was running like crazy. Then I thought, if I can’t feel good, I can at least praise God for all the many, many times I haven’t felt this bad. That’s when the poems came in: not just one start-to-finish acrostic sonnet, but two. That has never happened before, and I look at it as an early Christmas gift straight from the throne room of heaven. And there may be another companion poem, a double-sided acrostic sonnet, if God helps me finish it. Unless God helps me, I can’t write much beyond my own name. Anyway, I hope these have encouraged you.

Jesus loves you  more than you know!