Kids never stop eating
When food is at hand;
So parents work hard
To supply their demand.
For strong growing children
Require lots of food:
Without it they sink
To a bad attitude.
So, work hard, Dear Parents:
Give children good eats,
Along with sweet words
And occasional treats.

by Gwennon
September 2, 2016

This was an “on demand” poem that sprang from a conversation at the print shop weeks ago. Hoping to help a young family, I allowed my discount card to be used by them. Whereas I imagined that this would carve an $80 bill down to the $65 range, I was deeply disappointed to learn that my kindly gesture had saved the family only 99 cents, just enough for a head of lettuce on sale, or perhaps a candy bar. Later, discussing this with another store associate, I mourned about not saving the family more money because “kids never stop eating!” He retorted, “That would make a great title for a poem!” Which I, of course, discarded as an impossible idea because I seldom even try to write on demand. However, less than an hour later, the words poured in on another leg of my shopping trip, and I captured them on paper before heading home. Between now and then the poem languished in obscurity somewhere at the bottom of my overcrowded purse, but was rescued this morning on a routine cleaning mission. Woohoo!