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I’m living Jesus’ worthy life:
A life that God is making new,
A treasure chosen by the few.
No longer feeding my old strifes,
I step away from old abuse
And learn Christ’s joyfulness to choose.

My heart grows soft as Jesus sings
Sweet words to reinforce my worth:
GREAT WORTH that He had died to birth.
Reminders of His love He brings.
He gently opens me to love
And channels all my thoughts above.

Because my Jesus died for me,
He takes the burden of my sin,
Then heals and makes me whole again:
He claims me for eternity.

His mercy on this sheep He loves
Now helps me to accept His love.
He takes this wounded, broken sheep,
And roots His love in my heart deep.

by GwennonR
November 14, 2016

bookend for previous poem: “Unworthy Life”
written November 1, 2016