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Suppose I were to give my all,
Only to find a bad reward?
This fear controls, consumes, APPALLS:
How can I trust a distant Lord,
All-powerful, but far away
To urgent needs I have today?
My heart wants more, but little knows
Your plans for me, who feel alone.
How dare I trust THE ONE WHO KNOWS
Enough with this sad heart of stone?
Arise, LORD, do not stay away:
Relieve these fears I have today!
These wounds run deep, while faith runs small—
THE PROMISE seems to other’s giv’n.
Repeating sorrows on me fall,
Uprooting faith and hope of Heav’n.
Sustain me: Do not stay away:
This heart needs Jesus’ help today!
Surprise me now with Your good plans,
Your plans that OTHERS SAY ARE GOOD.
Outstrip me of life’s hard demands.
Uplift me better than I could.
Release these bonds! DON’T STAY AWAY!
Savior, please hold me close today!

by GwennonR
September 7, 2015