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Tried, my tired forgiver must look above.
Help comes from the One Who loves me most:
Encouraged, I relax in Your pure love.
Gains are made for a time, and then I leave
Right thinking behind. On feelings I coast,
Exasperated, until I look above.
Aggravations tear my eyes from Your love.
Turning back to Jesus, again I draw close,
Enabled to relax in Your pure love.
Saddened once more when people push and shove
Those in their way, I find You and Your love
Forgotten until I have looked above.
Outnumbered down here, with Your love rebuffed
Religiously by the masses – opposed –
Gladly, I rest in Jesus’ tender love.
Intent on just what I am thinking of,
Vigor fades. In this world I feel exposed.
Excellent help comes when I look above,
Relaxed completely in Your tender love.

by GwennonR
September 24, 2016

Even on my best days, forgiveness is often a stretch for me. I forget to go to God for help. But He is always ready every time I ask. I hope this will help me to remember. So, here you can see me ping ponging back and forth between a desire to please God, and a desire to please myself. In heaven this miserable process will finally be ended, and I am so looking forward to that.

This, being Columbus Day where I live, may be a good day in history to focus on national and ethnic forgiveness for past wrongs, both real, imagined, and those engendered or magnified through gossip on one level or another.