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The world here in His hands, the greatest LORD
Of all keeps me in view at all times. I,
Kaleidoscope of needs, keep looking foR
New comforts now. Looking through wounded eyE
Over “unmet needs”, I’m prone to paniC,
Wild for relief that seems to wait and waiT.
My LORD waits to see if I will trust HiM
Even in my trials. Will I obeY,
Bless God, be faithful in the midst of grieF?
Yes, by His grace. He cares for me and yoU
Now and forever, and my God can meeT
All the needs in my custom-made milieU.
My duty is to trust and have no feaR,
Expecting good from Him Who is always herE.

by GwennonR
September 22, 2016