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For “Harmony”

Not the place she would have chosen to eaT,
Obviously. We did our best, althougH
This time sans Mom was not her cup of teA.
Time away from Mom and Dad got her goaT.
Her solution was to go home. Loud pleaS
Escalating in urgency poured througH
Small sips of juice and morsels of food. ShE
Announced several times her hopeful couP.
My three-year-old granddaughter made her appeaL
Dates for her parents without her now wheN
All she wanted was them was just too meaN.
Telling us what she wanted again, shE
Effervesced the froth of her one-track minD.

by Gwennon R
September 16, 2016

We were all tired, and the restaurant, though lovely, was loud. My granddaughter needed exercise, and all this sitting still and waiting for food to be served only to remind her that her parents had gone off alone someplace – without her permission—leaving her and her baby sister to the care of my husband and me for a few hours. Honestly, I think the next time my daughter and her husband need to work on their marriage, we may park the kids in their high chairs in front of the movie “Frozen”, load them up with finger foods that they can feed to the waiting dog, and watch while the movie distracts them a bit, and the happy, well-fed canine directs their attention to something other than their homesick feelings. We may also invest in a simply huge amount of bubbles for blowing, and rolling balls for the kids and dogs to chase. They’ll probably still miss their parents. But maybe feel less anxious about it.

This is my second completed double-sided acrostic, and though the outline started a couple of weeks ago, the body of the poem, which I thought might never come in, wrote itself in about an hour. The first eight lines have something of a rhyme scheme, which later breaks down, in a similar manner to that which our date, which we expected somehow to make an anxious three-year-old and one-year-old happy, also broke down. (All that to say that the message of the poem and the broken down rhyme scheme sort of dovetail well.) But, another day, another date, and another memorable moment with the grandkids!