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Where will you be when the credits roll,
When you learn the truth about your soul:
Did you live your way, or give Christ control?
You’ll know when the credits roll.

Will you receive God’s extra credit:
The gift we are to Christ indebted—
Did you seize it, or decide “Forget it!”
The world will know when the credits roll.

Your power to choose you still control:
Chase Heaven’s bliss and be made whole?
Hell’s fiery depths cannot console
Its prisoners – THERE’S NO PAROLE.
Will you rest with Jesus, or lose your soul?
You’ll see when the credits roll.

by GwennonR
Septembef 2, 2016

Yesterday my husband and I sat down to watch the movie I have been wanting to see for months:  “God’s Not Dead, 2”.  It was amazing.  It got me thinking.  And because it was such a great movie, I went ahead and sat through all the credits, which, in the theater, holds the whole family hostage.  Some movies just aren’t worth the trouble.  This was one of the ones that was, and there was a sweet reward at the end.

I couldn’t help thinking that we will all have credits rolling, one way or the other, at the end of our days.  I pray both mine and yours are good.

Keep your eyes on Jesus!  We serve a great day!