If advanced degrees are just meaningless,
Then surely I’m completely good to go!
I’d considered their pursuit, I must confess,
But lacked the motivation and the dough.
I’ve learned a lot of good things on my own:
How harps and flutes and dulcimers can sing—
Sweet treasures I had not thought could be known—
And other things that great joy to me bring.
I’ve treated H1N1 and the flu,
And treated many other ills at home;
If snakes should bite, I know just what to do:
I’ve grown into a part-time Dr. Mom.
I study all I see in life and books.
My subjects are the people that I see,
Who train me through their lives and through their looks,
But these have gained me no advanced degree.

by GwennonR
August 21, 2016