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I’m learning to speak words of trust
When hopes are crushed and dreams are dust.
Though tempests brew and fierce winds blow,
God loves me more than I can know.
I set my hopes on things above:
I put my trust in Jesus’ love.
So, building faith, I choose my words,
Though patience shrinks and waiting hurts.
God carries me through joys and tears:
Enjoys my joys; collects my tears.
When help seems very far away,
To God for answers I will pray.
I haven’t got my answers yet,
But God’s STILL GOD – let’s not forget!
I know He’s taking care of me
In ways that I don’t always see.
Though hopes are crushed and dreams are dust,
I’m learning to speak words of trust.
by GwennonR
July 15, 2016

For Nicole

If our lives are the cars we drive through eternity, then our words are the steering wheels and accelerators.  I wish I could say that I use my words in a God-honoring way on a consistent basis, but that would not at all be true.  What I will tell you is that God has been opening my eyes to my need to change and my need to look to Him and trust in Him to do the necessary changes that I simply cannot do. He will do the same for you, if you will let Him.  Thank you for reading.