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Whereas we fear these vibrant beasts today,
Humans were not always on their buffet.
Expensive reproductions can’t portray
Nature’s glory in all its vast array:
Dinosaurs and the creatures on which they prey—
Reality was different that first day:
Animals back then had no feet of clay,
Gungho to destroy in bloody melee.
Oh, no! There was nothing to dismay:
Nothing Heaven’s harmony to betray.
How far we fell that grim yesterday!
Eden was safe before sin came to stay:
Adam and Even had been free to go play,
Relax, and enjoy a game of croquet
Together with tame animals—Hurray!
Sin changed all that: It led us astray.
World-wide sorrow and destruction held sway
Even among the animals. I pray
Resurrection comes quickly to parlay
Endemic fallenness—bright world gone grey,
Goodness dissipating—into payday
Of joy for tears, beauty for ashes. Someday
Our God will permanently make a way
Dragons again to His majesty display.

By GwennonR
July 2, 2016

Yep. I have been watching Jurassic World again, which always takes me back to the Garden of Eden, where, I believe, dinosaurs and man lived in harmony. If I could, I would live there!