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I was in a hurry when I chanced to see
This beautiful, stately creature beside –
RIGHT BESIDE!—the exit ramp. Oh, was he
Ever breath-taking! He locked eyes with me,
And I was so sorry to leave since I’d spied –
Lucky me! – what a privilege to see:
Living blend of wolf and coyote. The
Yellow-brown coat he modeled with pride
Was so beautiful. I wondered, would he
Allow any photos? But I quickly
Sped past him already, and I sighed
After it was over. I love to see
Creation, and this was no fantasy
Or daydream. I know my eyes had not lied.
Yielding a vivid memory, he
Was soon lost in the rear-view mirror. See
Or hear from him again? I’d be surprised!
Legacy of strength and grace I could see
Flowing through the wild dog prince that was he.

by GwennonR
September 5, 2016

The exit ramp was circular, and this creature stood staring at me from the piece of ground in the middle, giving me more time to look at him than I normally would have had on a straight exit ramp. From this time on, every time I exited that ramp, I looked for the coywolf. But, of course, never saw him again.

Another name for this creature is the eastern coyote, a wolf-coyote hybrid slightly smaller than the wolf, adorned with coyote coloring. Shortly after this sighting, my husband and I saw a coywolf documentary, and after that he believed me. I think. Sigh.