My face and hair are covered in God’s tears.
Yearnings to be safe are finally met.
Healing that is greater than all my fears
Enters my heart and helps it to reset.
Aligning myself with Christ’s bleeding heart,
Releasing all my pain into His hands,
This moment I will trust the LORD to chart
The course for my life, freed from my demands.
Owing to Christ, I point my thoughts above.
Joy resides in His heart. I find my place
Encouraged in the shelter of His love.
Surrendered, I’m fully trusting in God’s grace,
Ultimately innocent in His eyes,
Seeing through God’s eyes, I am His treasured prize.

by GwennonR
April 17, 2016

Title and acrostic from a speech given by John Eldridge in John and Stasi Eldridge’s “Captivating, Advanced” retreat.