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Anyone is welcome, if they’re willing.
Harboring all kinds of people with Him,
Overwhelming love is gladly filling
Myriads of custom homes. No mere whim
Endeavors to fully fill Jesus’ lair,
For God’s love is more generous than fair.
Our Lord has great love for all He has made:
Redeeming fallen people is His goal.
Yes. In this we find His love displayed:
Outcasts can find true healing of the soul,
Unless they themselves will refuse to share
With the only One Who can truly care.
If they want to be truly free of blame,
They can come to God, and they can be blessed,
Healed, restored, delivered from all their shame –
God offers a wealth of gifts that last.
Open your heart to go to Jesus there:
Delighted, God will welcome all who dare.

By Gwennon R
March 6, 2016