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I am God’s precious treasure and His pride.
Named His own: “BEAUTIFUL!!” is what He calls me.
This trustworthy KING will set my heart free:
Healing for my woundings He has supplied,
Elevating me to FRIEND by His side,
Lavishly, tenderly cherishing me,
Obsessed with restoring my dignity.
Validating sweet dreams I hold inside,
Ever ready to hear what I confide,
Offering perfect peace and purity,
Filling all the empty spaces in me,
Joyfully, He calls me to be His bride.
Elated, I run to Jesus’ side,
Sheltered in His arms, my security
Under the strong heartbeat of the Holy,
Safe in His love, trusting Him as my Guide.

by GwennonR
September 27, 2015

This 16-line acrostic sonnet has a repeating “ABBA” rhyme scheme, showing a continual call for God, My Father – my Daddy-of-the-Heart. Embedded in this rhyme scheme are also three sheep calls: “BAA!” reminding me of our constant need for a shepherd. These things may be lost to most readers, but they are an integral part of the design, and the God we serve loves to reveal Himself through design. : )