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Suppose we could choose our own dad and new place,
And build a future we won’t want to miss.
The Dad Who made it all bestows this grace.
A DAD OF LOVE with kindly gifts will chase
Now this child or another. Not S–
I hear for telling lies he takes first place.
Suppressing truth, the devil would erase
The Bible and all hints of Heaven’s bliss.
However, there’s a Dad Who offers grace.
Each person here reflects a father’s face,
Because we came from somewhere else to this,
And yet, we get to choose our future place.
Decide with care which dad you will embrace,
For each will have a dad of death or bliss.
A Dad that you can trust will offer grace.
The dad you choose today makes you a space —
Hear me now before this truth you miss:
Each child of Satan moves to Satan’s place;
Rescued children of God receive God’s grace.

by Gwennon
August 25, 2015

This is from a sermon by Robert Morris that I happened to catch on the television. Pastor Morris was teaching on “The Lord’s Prayer”. I especially l liked what he had to say about “father-wounds” and “blaming the wrong father” (Satan) for our problems in life.

And another thing: looks like the poems I have been labeling   “Acrostic  Villanelles” are not quite it, but only something called “Quasi-Villanelles” because the acrostics usually keep the first and third lines (or even their complete themes) from being repeated verbatim throughout the poem.  In my pride of  authorship, I have been in the habit of thinking, “If it walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck . . .”  Perhaps there are birds that are not quite ducks but closely resemble them?  Are there citizenship classes in the Villanelle category?  Anyway, on a borrowed computer, I won’t take the time to go back and fix it just yet.  Perhaps someday when I am rich and famous . . . . (ahem!)  Ok, friends.  Get up off the floor now and try to stop laughing soon!