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BEAUTIFUL, I can’t stop looking at you,
As my hands DREAM OF DANCING on your
Black and white keys! I THINK I MIGHT LOVE YOU.
You are exquisite: strong, tender, and pure.
Gorgeous new LOVE OF MINE, I beg you to
Relinquish, please, your silent solitude
And let me have my way right now with you.
Nothing else here can feel so VERY GOOD.
Do you know what a GREAT GIFT that would be?
Perhaps a brief interlude? OUR SECRET:
I promise I will DISCRETION employ,
And NO ONE NEEDS TO KNOW you were with me.
Not a single soul. But I WON’T FORGET,
Oh, DARLING, how you fill my heart with JOY.

by GwennonR
August 6, 2015

The idea for this poem probably began when I was reading a book detailing the construction of a Steinway grand piano, in which the author tells us that caches of grand pianos stored in the basements of concert halls are known commonly as “Ladies of the Night”.