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.Begone, bad drivers! I can’t condone
.Can you not see I NEED TO BE ALONE?
.Alas! If only I myself could clone:
.Ubiquitous good driving I’d employ.
.Such driving as I see I can’t condone.
.Examples of good driving are unknown.
.I DREAM of safer roads, and I don’t enjoy
.Near misses. How I’d LOVE to drive alone.
.Excuse me since I cynical have grown:
.Escaping your mistakes is now my ploy.
.Depart! Be quick, for I cannot condone
.Margins so very small. It is well known —
.Yes, even published, though not to annoy
(Someday I’d simply love to drive alone!) —
.Pleasant drivers don’t develop hearts of stone
.About others who share their roads. Employ
.Cars to BLESS, NOT BULLY! I can’t condone
.Extreme aggression: PLEASE LEAVE ME ALONE!!!

by gwennonr
September 3, 2015

which pretty much says it all.

When I am able to pull over and allow an impatient
driver to go ahead and fly on down the road, I really
try to do it. But they are often replaced right away
with another one. This is so predictable:
When people do not reverence God, they will abuse
strangers at every turn, and we see this all the time.

Now that my computer is no longer working, I have
fallen way behind in posting and typesetting. Sigh.

This is either the 28th or 29th acrostic poem I have
written in the last 28 days. If the writing continues into
a book length manuscript, besides the major themes
of faith and family, I will apparently have three
dominant subjects: “Musical instruments I have
loved,” “Dinosaurs I wish I could keep,” and
“Trying to get away from aggressive drivers”.
That last is such a huge pet peeve for me. Sigh.

As in previous acrostic posts, I am using periods at the beginning of some of the lines to line up the acrostic phrases.