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Devotedly close to their boy they lie,
Upset not a bit by the noise outside,
Relying on Him Who is standing by,
Instantly ready should they start to cry
Now for help. NO need: In Christ they confide:
God’s in control. They relax where they lie.
All around them, sharp, loud thunderbolts fly—
Their flashing fireworks staccatos collide.
Help if they need it there is standing by:
Understanding God loves them, they won’t cry.
No. They know all is well and safe inside.
Dear doggies will not panic where they lie.
Even while the storm rages, they rely
Reflexively on God. They will abide –
Storm or no storm – on Jesus standing by
To help them. To their rescue He will fly,
Or else calm the storm that rages outside.
Resting, exuding sweet peace where they lie:
My boy sees dogs trusting God’s standing by.

by GwennonR

August 18, 2015

This was not the poem that I was intending to write yesterday.  I had a different one started and thought I would work on that instead.  But while driving my son, Damien to school, we had a conversation that piqued my attention.  We were comparing notes over the storm the night before.  Neither of us felt we had been treated fairly during it all: Damien because he was unable to sleep and thus had to listen to the worst of it; and me because I had to sleep through instead of enjoying it.  I asked Damien about the dogs, Roosevelt and Lola, who usually make a ruckus if anyone so much as closes a cabinet drawer too loudly.  And if some innocent rabbit or squirrel should even set an unsanctioned paw on our front lawn without the dogs’ permission, well, let me tell you, the result is something loud.  I was surprised to hear that the dogs were so calm during the storm.  I wondered if they knew something that we didn’t.  Am I alone in wondering how much animals know and understand?  Whereas I will be the first to admit that the premise for this poem seems a bit ridiculous, don’t we all want the animals to know what we know, feel what we feel, and have a good eternity, too?  I pray this poem has caused you to ask your own questions about God and eternity.  And more than that, I hope that it will cause you, as it has caused me, to meditate on what relying “reflexively on God” really means in actual practice.

Praying for God to help you see and enjoy the joy in your life,


P.S.  Summer slowed my posting almost to a halt.  Then my computer went into either a coma or something worse.  I am currently borrowing a computer, and may not be able to respond very quickly to inquiries or comments until my own computer problems are solved.  I apologize in advance for any grief this may give anyone.  It certainly hasn’t done anything to turn any of my grey hairs back to brown, I can tell you that!