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.I will not even try this anymore:
.Cower, trembling at your “urgent” demands,
.As if I, and I alone, had answers
.No one else could provide. I’m only hands—
.Not omnipotence. Let me redirect—
.Oh, please, let me point you back to the Source:
.There is ONLY ONE we all can expect—
.Better to put your trust in HIM, of course,
.Even when it seems HE is not moving—
.Yet, HE is always at work, even now—
.Operating in secret, then proving
.Unlimited by the seen, or by how
.Rough we think we have it. Many have tried
gods” of their own making. One GOD is true:
.only HE can fill that role in your life,
.denied by the crowds, but loved by a few.

by Gwennon
May 20, 2015

For J&N, who probably do not even see the mold they have tried to force me into

And for N, who keeps teaching me to pray for the impossible

As in times past, periods have been added to the beginning of lines in order to make the acrostic line up better.  I really wish you could see this as I have typed it for my portfolio.  More font and spacing options make everything so much more fun to read.  If anyone wants a pdf file of this poem, you can request it from my at this e-mail address: gwennonblogs@ymail.com

Without my giving you details, let me just ask you to cover this in prayer. We all have someone in our lives who expects us to be and give to them only what God can be and give; and we also have the tendency to expect these unreasonable things from those we deem capable of filling this role in our lives. In my own life, one of my biggest false gods has been my Daddy, who helped me a lot, but sometimes was more important than the One True God in my life. My Daddy has been gone for over a year, and I am just now seeing this. Sigh.

Blessings on you! Thank you for stopping by my blog.