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Page fifty-seven of Dinosaurs, Unleashed
Is filled with a truly beautiful scene:
Children and their mother washing a beast,
Tenderly making the giant all clean,
United in a common task:
Rakish ceratopsian here submits,
Enduring with amazing grace this bath,
Obviously loving those who love him.
Facial expressions show he does not mind
Getting cleaned up. Embracing their soft touch—
Really, he would do anything for kind
And loving friends he trusts so very much—
Compassion flows between man and beast,
Encapsulating Heaven’s love and peace.

by Gwennon
April 21, 2015

Dinosaurs, Unleashed is a special creation dinosaur book by Kyle Butt and Eric Lyons. It is filled with glorious illustrations by Lewis Lavoie. It is available directly from Apologetics Press, 230 Landmark Drive, Montgomery, Alabama 36117. At my request, my local Bible bookstore started carrying this regularly, and I have already bought more copies than I originally planned to buy.

Some years ago, before my Daddy lost his memory, he bought and mailed me a copy of Dinosaurs, Unleashed, and timed it to arrive on my birthday. That was the most exciting, best-loved birthday present I ever got. If I could, I would buy a column of these books to distribute to anyone who wants a copy. So, if I ever published a book that sold wonderfully well, this is where a good part of the profits would go. Here, and to The Voice of the Martyrs, and a few other worthy causes.

I was hoping that anyone who reads this poem would be inspired to buy this very special, special-creation dinosaur book. It may just become one of your favorites. : )