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Beyond our understanding are His ways:
Yardstick rulings good enough for others
Have no value. Jesus wants us to love
Obnoxious and gracious alike: with love
We cannot conjure on our own; bother
With those we prefer to avoid; amaze
Even ourselves with God’s heavenly ways.
Ligatures joining walk and talk never
Look like getting comfortable now. Shove
Your selfish plans aside and LEARN TO LOVE.
Others are watching you, and these others
Understand exactly where your heart stays.
Truth appears in action, where it will blaze
Reliable signals for another
Eyewitness to see and follow. – Will love
And grace brand you as one with God’s love?
This weary world needs great grace to cover
Our daily careless, thoughtless, harried ways.
Tear-jerked broken hearts on which pain preys
Hide well under wraps, unseen by others:
Endemic unloved now hunting for love.
Right living may somehow be recovered
Soon as we truly love one another.

by Gwennon
April 13, 2015

Title and acrostic taken from a sermon by Andy Stanley

This is a poem that began weeks ago on a Sunday morning when I, in my introverted aversion of forcing myself out among people, stayed home from church. Alas, friends, I sometimes do stay home from church when I feel like I just can’t deal with any more people. Thanks to television, I have a number of back-up preachers I can retreat to on those Sundays when I am not being responsible. Andy Stanley is one of my favorites. Even on Sundays when I am going to church, I sometimes record Mr. Stanley’s sermons to watch later.

Yesterday, I grabbed my dictionary (the acrostic poet’s cheat-sheet!) and wondered if I might complete a line or two of the poem I had never started, beyond the title and the acrostic. It ended up kind of writing itself, and I wondered if it was a bit too simple because I discovered I had been repeating a lot of words to complete the rhymes since a lot of the rhyming words did not have a lot of good rhyming companions. On the other hand, Jesus’ message was pretty simple: Love God: Love Others. This is not something I do very well. Yet. But I have the hope that God is still working on me, and that as long as I keep seeking Jesus, He will keep working on me.

Praying for God to show you His love today (and also to use you to channel His love to others!),