I plunked down my OBEDIENCE-COIN,
Expecting God to MOVE
In ways I planned, but my good LORD
Had nothing here to prove.

He knows just what He’s doing now,
And I need not control—
Or struggle powerless against—
The One Who keeps my soul.

My gift of trust is not a coin
To trade for what I want –
As soon as I forget this truth,
Then disappointment haunts.

I need to give obedience
And trust God for the rest,
Surrendering my will to Him,
For He knows what is best.

By Gwennon
March 31, 2015

Based on a conversation with my prayer partner, Gail, who was worried that after she obeys God and speaks the words He tells her to speak, that the listener still will not turn to God and be saved. It is just so easy to see things clearly from outside, rather than seeing what we are doing while we are in the middle of it. I told Gail that we need to remember—I NEED TO REMEMBER—that the results are up to God. Our job is to obey God, then trust Him for the rest. We are not responsible for results. God doesn’t expect us to be. Now if I can just remember this for myself!!!