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If They Had One

.I want to buy a cookie jar
.What’s shaped like a triceratops.
.Oh, gladly I would travel far!
(Unless I found one in the shops
.Laid down here pretty close to home.)
.Dear dinosaurs are hard to find
.Beyond the toys small toddlers hope
.Unblushing parents buy when kind.
.Yet sometimes they may just appear
.In places one does not suspect:
.They catch us by surprise – and cheer.
.No matter what, we won’t reject
.Or scorn them. We will just embrace
.What we have found – and praise God’s grace!

by Gwennon
March 15, 2015

Years ago, when I wandered through a favorite resale shop, I ran into a cookie jar shaped like a triceratops. The lid of the cookie jar was the head of the dinosaur, and the cookies fit neatly into the body, including the legs and feet.  I suppose a person could hide some chocolate chips, M&M’s, or chocolate- (or yogurt) covered raisins in the tail.  But we never tried that. Anyway, it was so cute and lifelike that at first I had no idea it was actually a cookie jar.  It was a mottled blue, with shades of purple and green mixed in. It sat on our dining table for a couple of years, while both my friend Donna down the street, and my friend Ann across town, offered to let me name whatever price I liked if I ever decided to sell it to them. Now I kind of wish I had taken them up on that offer. (Except I really couldn’t have done it, because the one who didn’t get it would have felt totally betrayed.) Because the poor dinosaur came to a very sad end: one day when the kids were playing with friends, meaning to protect my sweet triceratops cookie jar, I put it up high. But not high enough. After it took a fatal tumbled, I decided it might have been safer if I had simply left it on the table. Also, if I had either sold it or given it to one of my friends, I never would have had to see it broken. While from time to time I have seen one of these online, they are very rare, and the given price (not including taxes and shipping) is about five times what I initially paid for the first cookie jar. So, I am keeping my eyes open and biding my time.

Oh, I was going to mention that I took some poetic license on the second line, making it sound British just to fit the acrostic.

As I did earlier with my acrostic villanelles, I added a period to the beginnings of some of the lines so that the acrostic letters would neatly align.  If wordpress didn’t auto-correct it out, I would simply add space, like I am able to do in Word.

Also, this is what I might label a “short” acrostic; that is, each line has eight syllables, instead of the regular ten.  You can find other examples of this on other poetry blogging sites.  I used to be able to find a blog called “All Sonnets” which had a lot of different examples of the various forms, but currently cannot find it.  Sigh.

Praying for you to find the joy today,