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“I’ll never play the harp like her!”
I grumbled once again.
“For while she worked straight through the book,
I mostly followed whims.
And though it’s true, I play by ear,
My skills are rather slim.”

“I’ll never play the harp like you!”
She sighed to me today.
“You play so well by ear,
But without notes I cannot play.
With years of constant practice
I could never play your way.”

Thus neither fully has enjoyed
The joys God kindly shared;
Because instead of practicing,
We grumbled and compared.

The End

Or maybe the beginning of more practice!

by Gwennon
March 21, 2015
in the grocery store line — Thank God for long lines!
After a short conversation with one of my very dearest friends,
I went with my husband to the grocery store,
Where these words started dancing in my head.
As everyone knows,
Catching lines is about the most important element
Of poetry composition.
Ignoring lines
Is a phenomenal and usually fast way
To lose a poem before it ever even gets started.
Needless to say (even though I am saying it anyway),
I was rarin’ to go as we stepped out of the car.
“Do you mind if I write a poem while we’re in the store?”
I expectantly asked my husband.
Looking at me like he wondered if I had lost my mind,
My husband replied,
“You know that’s NOT what we came for!”
I was shocked.
He usually lets me write poems
Anywhere I like.
I prayed for help.
And worked on revising the lines in my head
While we walked around,
Praying for a long grocery store line.

Ok.  I was praying for a long grocery store line.

But my husband was not.

Then realized I was out of paper.

Smart phone to the rescue:
I was able to text myself the lines,
And by the time I had advanced to the front of the line,
The poem had completed itself.
I was a little giddy from the endorphins,
But since it probably isn’t wise to announce
You are high in the grocery store,
I just replied in answer to their question of how I was doing,
“Fine.” A safe, boring answer.
But then I went ahead and said,
“You’ll never believe what I just did!
I wrote a poem in the grocery store line!”
I didn’t have time to recite it to them.
And they didn’t have time to listen.
So, instead, I present it to you, here.

I should tell you (something you already know) here that there is sometimes an element of exaggeration in story-telling and poetry, and I did employ that here. Truthfully, my friend and I do spend more time practicing our harps than we do comparing notes. But, as far as this poem goes, where would be the humor in that?

I wrote this for one of my dearest friends in the world, who, in my opinion, will always play the harp better than I do. Even if I practice more.

Praying for you to find the joys God has for you,