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.Today I lift up to the Father’s throne
.Ones dear to my heart, though we’ve never met:
.Saints, who may be feeling all too alone;
.Or sinners, who may have far from Christ grown.
.Unto the LORD I lift them up to get
.LIFE – REAL LIFE – poured out from the Father’s throne.
.Some will surely get it: Christ will atone –
.Doubt it not!—for the sins they can’t forget.
.Yearnings to know—KNOW—they are not alone
.In their sin, pain, loss, as their tired hearts groan,
.Now find GOOD ANSWERS and payment for DEBT:
.Guiltless, they may kneel at our Father’s throne.
(Unless God’s good grace they refuse to own.)
.New life and joy in them will be well-met.
.Kindness flows, and though they may feel alone,
.No true penitents will God now disown.
.Overwhelmed redeemed ones in heaven yet
.Wandering at grace at the Father’s throne
.Now know themselves seen and never alone.

by Gwennon
March 9, 2015

Revelation 22:1-5 speaks of the river of life flowing from the Father’s throne and from the throne of the lamb (Jesus). Beautiful picture of grace for those willing to receive.

(As I did the last time I posted an acrostic, I have used periods at the beginning of 18 of the lines in order to make the acrostic phrases line up neatly, as I know no other way to add space to the beginning of the lines without the blogging program adjusting the space without my permission when I am not looking.  On my regularly typeset poem, which is beautiful, I didn’t need to do that.  Anyone who wants a free pdf file of this poem may e-mail me at gwennonblogs@ymail.com)

I hope none of you are thinking that I am some sort of unapproachable super-saint who prays like this constantly (although I would like to. But I am easily distractible, and like my chocolate bars and movies as much as the next person. Sigh.) The times when I remember to pray for the dying are often few and far between. Yet, at any given second, untold numbers are dying without Christ, headed to a grim, Christ-less eternity, unless God softens their hearts and they are able to accept His good gift of grace and be ushered into heaven at the last possible moment. Waiting until the last moment to receive God’s grace is a risky proposition at best, and such a gamble that usually never pays off that I could never recommend it. But these people deserve our compassion and our prayers. Also, at any given time, untold numbers of Christians are dying simply because they refuse to bow the knee to false gods. Many of these are dying alone. Let’s let them not die without our prayer support! Let us pray for them to hold on to Jesus with unshakable faith as they are leaving this life and moving on to better things. I think that the worst thing that can possibly happen to any Christian is for him to live for Christ, then lose his faith if dying becomes more pain than he bargained for. As God lays these dear people on your heart, He will guide your prayers. And when you get to heaven, you may be met at the door by a crowd of unknown, yet familiar faces, that are there through your prayers. Won’t that be something? I can hardly wait!

Praying to see you in heaven,